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Young Drivers Huntsville Muskoka Driving School Location

WE'RE BACK starting July 6th for both in-class and in-car lessons.

Our NEW, bigger and better Huntsville classroom is located on the main street in the West end of town (formerly Main Street near the bridge). Conveniently situated directly above the DriveTest centre, in the old red MTO building at 215 Main Street West, Huntsville. The closest main intersection is Hwy 11/Aspdin Road and Main Street West. The building is right beside Service Ontario, and across the road from the west end car wash. The classroom is up the stairs, with ample washrooms and even a ping-pong/pool table for classroom breaks!

Huntsville Young Drivers - Voted Muskoka's Best Driving School for over 20 years!

Hi, my name is Ross Carlin and I own and operate the Huntsville Muskoka Young Drivers franchise. If you need a pre-test lesson to pass your G2 or G exam, one of our professional driving teachers will give you an accurate assessment of your driving abilities in order to pass your road test. However, just learning how to pass a road test isn't enough to stay collision-free! It’s not just about getting your license in 8 months instead of 12, or the significant insurance discount either! At Young Drivers, we believe that collision-free driving starts with good DECISION MAKING! By this we mean fast and accurate decisions that get translated into the proper control of your vehicle during all conditions. 

Skills like:
• Head on collision avoidance 
• Rear rash avoidance 
• Gravel shoulder recovery 
• Winter driving in Muskoka 

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that you participate fully in your child’s driver training. Each student and the vehicle they practice in is unique. While we provide objective and constructive criticism, along with proven defensive driving techniques and habits – it is the co-driver's responsibility to augment the learning experience with patience and encouragement. GET INVOLVED! Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We care deeply about our students, and running a professional business. Together we can all make our roads as safe as possible for the next generation.

There are THREE packages available:

SILVER is the basic mandatory course to qualify for an earlier exam date (eight months from your G1 date instead of 12 months and an insurance discount.

GOLD combines the Silver package with a refresher lesson directly before your G2 exam and the use of one of our Young Drivers cars for the exam. Very helpful for those who have large vehicles or manual vehicles in the family.

PLATINUM adds TWO more lessons on top of the Gold package.

This is for student who will finish the course well before the eight months exam date and would like the extra time to prepare, or would like to use the lessons for winter driving as well.

Together with my friendly and professional instructors Gord Mitchell and Ryan Stanley, we'll help you gain the confidence you need to drive safe and defensive for the rest of your life.

Give us a call at (705) 789-1577, text (705) 571-0432 or email


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Ministry Approved Drivers Education Program and Individual Lessons That Meet Your Needs

Whatever your driving needs are, we can help you accomplish them. From single lessons to the complete Ministry Approved Drivers Education Program, Huntsville Young Drivers has over 20 years experience serving thousands of satisfied and successful customers from 16 to 96 years old! We even taught Olympic Gold Medalist Dara Howell! Our customers come from all over the globe, each with unique abilities, levels of experience, requirements and concerns; however all have the same goal in mind, to learn how to drive safely and confidently for the rest of their lives. Choose from a fully customizable array of products including in car, online and in classroom training.



Young Drivers of Canada Huntsville Classroom Location - 215 Main Street West

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