Young Drivers of Canada - Midland Driver Training Centre

Here is how you can find our Young Drivers Midland Driving School location:

The classroom is located in the historic Dominion Place at 490 Dominion Ave., on the corner of King and Dominion Streets, one street up from Georgian Bay. You can enter the YD classroom from the side door on Dominion Street. Look for the YD car in front of the door and go up the stairs to the left.

Our driver training depends on having quality driver instruction from quality driving instructors

Brad Hosack is the in class as well as in car teacher so there is more curriculum continuity from class to car.  He has been a driving instructor with Young Drivers since 2008. 

He obtained his Education Diploma from McGill University. He has gained passion and experience while teaching high school for 15 years and is a current member, in good standing, of the Ontario College of Teachers. He has Special Education and Adult Education qualifications and is a certified High School sports coach.

The Young Drivers program is patented and exclusive to YD. So you can't learn to drive like this anywhere!

Collision-free habits developed over 40 years at YD, are trademarked and can be taught by YD only.  We are also the only driving school in Ontario that is approved by the Ministry (MTO) to train our own in class and in car instructors.  Once trained, instructors have to be recertified yearly to be able to work for YD.

YD is the only drive school that is ISO certified. The international Standards Organization recognizes YD’s curriculum to be up to a high standard and YD head office randomly calls students every year to be sure the full curriculum was delivered in the proper way.

YD cars are only allowed 1 student at a time. In car lessons are private, and YD instructors pick up and drop off 1 student at a time and location of their choice. Because of the advanced nature of the course, many insurance companies will give an extra discount to YD grads. Some, for example, give an automatic 3 years driving experience with a YD certificate.


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SIGN UP with Midland Driving School for lessons, courses, refreshers, parking practice and more!

Midland offers our basic package, 20 hours in class, 10 hours of e-learn on line and 10 hours of 1 on 1 instruction in the car.

We also offer a road test package that includes transport to and from the road test and a 45 minute pre drive before the road test.  In this pre drive we drive the routes taken on the test and practice the low speed manouvres that will be done, usually where they will be done. 

We also offer driver improvement courses and defensive driving courses and winter driving lessons for seniors as well as Young Drivers.



Young Drivers of Canada Midland Classroom Location - 490 Dominion Ave

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