Young Drivers of Canada -Bedford Driving School Classroom

Here is how you can find our Young Drivers of Canada Driver Training Bedford location:

Our Bedford classroom is located at 1658 Bedford Highway Unit 2050 in Bedford. This is at the Bedford Place Mall on the second floor.

Since this is a classroom location only you can contact our main administration office in Halifax at 902-425-1322.

LEARN TO DRIVE FROM A DEDICATED DRIVING SCHOOL like YD who ensures that you have the best driving resources available.

A Young Drivers Course is the best insurance you can buy for a new driver. We have spent over 40 years developing our program and update and improve it every year. As a matter of fact in 2013 we spent over $500,000 on a complete update on our classroom material including new Blu-ray technology.Also we are the only school that recertifies their instructors every year as well.

COLLISIONS CAN BE AVOIDED. Learn to avoid them with YD Driver training.

Our exclusive Collisionfree! Approach Program trains new drivers to anticipate problems well in advance so they can be proactive in their driving so that these problems do not affect them. We are also the only program that teaches emergency manouevers both in class and in car , such as head on collision avoidance, gravel shoulder recovery and rear crash avoidance.

We believe that since collisions are predictable they are avoidable. Since good decision making is critical to avoiding collisions we also have an online program called Cognifit to help with that. It was developed by a cognitive psychologist to improve mental skills.


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Young Drivers TV

You can find many different driver training packages with Young Drivers Lower Sackville

All of our courses for new drivers, experienced drivers and seniors have been built to fit the needs of your driving.

They have the 25 hours of classroom sessions that include Hi Def Blu-ray videos where you learn how collisions are caused.

Next we have online cognitive training to help with decision making skills.  The results of your cognitive training are using during your 10 hours of one on one in car training where you learn how to use all the theory from the classroom.

Instructor will use your personal YD workbook to give feedback on your progress.

When you take a full driving school course you really get to experience how to drive safely and remain collision free.

Finally we have an online Co-Driver Program which helps with practice in between in car sessions anyone who is a fully licenced driver.

The idea behind the Co-Driver program is that if the person you are practicing with has a better understanding of what we are teaching then the practice time in between is that much more effective.

Practice always makes perfect. Whether it is your parking skills, lessons for dad, or a job evaluation.

Also for those people who believe that they do not need a full course we also offer private in car sessions as well.


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