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Here is how you can find our Young Drivers Dartmouth driver training classroom location:

Our Dartmouth classroom location is 50 Tacoma Drive, Unit 16, Dartmouth.

Since this only a classroom facility, our main administration office is in Halifax so if you want to contact us by phone please call 902-425-1322.

LEARN HOW TO DRIVE AND SURVIVE in any driving situation

We are also the only program that teaches

  • emergency manouevers both in class and in car
  • head on collision avoidance
  • gravel shoulder recovery
  • rear crash avoidance.

We believe that since collisions are predictable they are avoidable.

Our exclusive Collisionfree! Approach Program trains new drivers to anticipate problems well in advance they can be proactive in their driving so that these problems do not affect them. 

Since good decision making is critical to avoiding collisions we also have an online program called CogniFit to help with that. It was developed by a cognitive psychologist to improve mental skills.

YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR WITH YD. Which is a lifetime of safety, confidence and knowledge to be a collision free driver.

Rather than just teaching you how to pass the road test our goal is to keep you alive once you have done that. Once you pass the test you are on you own and that's when the real test begins  



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Dartmouth Young Drivers offers confident, affordable, and quality driver training services

All of our courses for new drivers have four key components to effectively change a drivers driving habits.

  • They have the 25 hours of classroom where you learn how collisions are caused and how to predict them and then avoid them.
  • Next we have online cognitive training to help with decision making skills,
  • which overlaps the 10 hours of one on one in are training where you learn how to use all the theory from the classroom. And at the end of each session your instructor uses your YD workbook to give feedback on your progress.
  • Finally we have an online Co-Driver Program which helps with practice in between in car sessions with your instructor. The idea behind the Co-Driver program is that if the person you are practicing with has a better understanding of what we are teaching then the practice time in between is that much more effective.

Also for those people who believe that they do not need a full course we also offer private in car sessions as well.


Young Drivers of Canada Dartmouth Classroom Location - 50 Tacoma Drive, Unit 16

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