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Alliston Young Drivers Driving School Location

Our Alliston driving school classroom is located in the St. John's United Church, 56 Victoria St. East, Alliston.  It's across from Shoppers Drug Mart and beside Giant Tiger.  Victoria East is the main street in Alliston.  If you are coming from the east, we are after the high school and just past the railroad tracks.  If you are approaching from the west, we are just after Giant Tiger and just before the railroad tracks.

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For more than 40 years, Young Drivers of Canada has been teaching Canadians how to drive and survive.  We offer the most comprehensive driver training courses in Canada, including YD’s exclusive in-car emergency response techniques training. Learning to drive is one thing; learning to drive and survive is another. A collision occurs every 2.5 seconds in North America. At Young Drivers, students learn preventative and reactive measures to safely and smartly avoid becoming a statistic.  We call it the Collisionfree Approach.

First we teach why crashes happen and how to prevent them.  Then we teach students life-saving skills to recognize the risks on the road and to respond effectively.  Students will learn the skills and experience them with hand-on YD instructors both in the classroom and behind the wheel:

  • Freeway and highway driving
  • Risk Perception
  • Gravel shoulder recovery
  • Threshold/ABS braking
  • Rear Crash avoidance
  • Head-on collision avoidance
  • Emergency Braking
  • Brake and avoid techniques
  • Swerving techniques
  • Handling adverse conditions

Young Drivers Alliston is a Ministry-Approved BDE Course Provider

Our program also includes the YD e-Experience, interactive e-learning, exclusive to YD, including CogniFit, a computer-based program that can help “train your brain”.

Qualified YD instructors build confidence with instruction in essential skills, well beyond what’s needed to pass a road test.

Don’t delay!  Choose Young Drivers of Canada.  Trust the best.



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Driver Training in Alliston is the first choice for new drivers, senior drivers and anyone in between!

At Young Drivers of Canada, we offer our patented Collisionfree program which is tailored to fit your individual learning style while still teaching you to drive and survive.

Our most popular course for new drivers includes 20 hours of in-class training, 10 hours of e-learning done at home,16 in-car lessons PLUS using the instructor’s car for the road test which no doubt gives you the best chance of passing.  Not only are you being tested in the car you’ve been training in but also the government examiner knows we wouldn’t have you there if we didn’t think you had the skill set necessary to pass the test.  That gives you a definite advantage.

The in-class sessions are held in Alliston during the day or on Saturdays.  The in-car portion is always done ONE-ON-ONE at your own pace and scheduled at your convenience.

We offer a flexible payment plan to help with any budget.

For those going for their G road test, we offer individual in-car sessions to help brush up your driving skills and prepare you for this very challenging road test.

We also offer in-car sessions for licensed drivers wanting to know how to handle winter driving and other adverse weather conditions.

Regardless of your driving ability, experience behind the wheel, or level of confidence, we are here to help.

We have been training drivers in Alliston for over 30 years.  Trust the best.

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Young Drivers of Canada Alliston Driving School Classroom Location - 56 Victoria St E

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