Young Drivers Bracebridge Defensive Driving. Driver Training offered in Gravenhurst too!

Young Drivers of Canada Bracebridge and Gravenhurst Driving School

Our Young Drivers Bracebridge driving school classroom is now located at 345 Ecclestone Rd, Bracebridge. We are in the Aspire Muskoka Building across from Leons. When approaching the building from Ecclestone, the entrance is on the south side of the building, Door #27. Follow the YD logos on the doors. 

Young Drivers Bracebridge Offers The Most Comprehensive and Effective Defensive Driver Training Course in Canada

  • Over 1.3 Million Young Drivers Graduates
  • Over 45 Years in the Driver Education industry
  • Best Driving Instructors - Young Drivers is the only driving school to annually recertify
  • Convenient Driving Classes and Course times
  • At Home or School Pickup for in car driving lessons (within Bracebridge and Gravenhurst city limits)
  • Best Value courses according to the Ontario Safety League
Young Drivers of Canada, We Saves Lives. Our exclusive program instills confidence behind the wheel by teaching new drivers defensive driving skills. Experience the YD difference.  Young Drivers goes well beyond the minimum requirements for driving schools!

Young Drivers Bracebridge has over 40 years of experience teaching new drivers how to drive and survive. Young Drivers of Canada has a philosophy when it comes to collisions, that accidents are predictable and preventable. In car we teach students to use their eyes effectively, by teaching them where to look, the skills to understand what they see and then the skills to manage the space around them. This translates into drivers with the skills necessary to avoid a collision.  Whether you are a new driver, already licensed, senior driver or corporate fleet driver we'll have a training package for you. 


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Driver Training for All Ages - New Drivers, Experienced Drivers, Senior Drivers and Corporate Fleet Drivers

Ministry Approved Beginner Driver Education Courses

Our most popular driver training course is our Novice courses. They are Ministry of Transportation Beginner Driver Education Approved courses, qualifying for the early road test and available insurance reductions.  Developed by Young Drivers of Canada and approved by the Ministry of Transportation, they are the state of the art in Driver Training. 

As we are a MTO-Approved BDE Course Provider, ENJOY our exciting online driving trip across Canada E-Learning program which is EXCLUSIVE to Young Drivers.  This is apart of our 40 hour new driver programs.



Young Drivers of Canada Bracebridge Classroom Location - 345 Ecclestone Rd

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