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Young Drivers Guelph Driving School Location

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Our Guelph Classroom is located at 121 Wyndham Street North, Suite 205 in the heart of beautiful Downtown Guelph. We are located across from the old post office. Guelph Transit has buses that service the area. When arriving take the main door, then straight up the stairs. Follow the signs to the back of the hall to the office entrance on your left.

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Young Drivers Guelph Takes Defensive Driving To The Next Level

ONLY Young Drivers driving instructors teach:

  • Risk perception
  • Gravel shoulder recovery
  • Threshold/ABS braking
  • Rear crash avoidance
  • Head-on collision avoidance
  • Emergency braking
  • Brake and avoid techniques
  • Swerving techniques
  • Freeway driving AND MUCH MORE

Young Drivers Believes In Co-Operative Driving

We share the road with many other people. They are in cars, on bicycles, in truck, operating farm equipment, walking or even in a horse drawn carriage!
Each driver has a different level of experience, competence and ability.
As a driver we must adapt our driving to not just the road conditions but to the various drivers around us.
By using the YD Collisionfree Approach and it's 20 sub-habits, each student can learn to deal with situations as they arise.
The most dangerous thing most of us will do is get into a motor vehicle. Using the YD Collisionfree approach will greatly lesson that danger for everyone on the road.


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Flexible schedule, payment plans, and more!

Start Your Journey to Getting Your Licence With Young Drivers of Canada!

Young Drivers Guelph offers flexible start dates and times to meet everyone's busy life schedules. We are an MTO-Approved BDE Course Provider! Our new drivers courses are based on flexible learning and are delivered in-classroom, in-car and online. Completion of our course allows you to take your G1 Exit roadtest 4 months sooner and can qualify you for insurance discounts. Young Drivers of Canada, The Best Insurance You Can Buy!

Young Drivers Defensive Driving Courses

We also provide train for experienced drivers. We teach the Defensive Driving Course to individuals and companies in order to reduce collisions and insurance rates.

Working with Occupational Therapists we offer Rehabilitation Services through our various 
partners in the field.



Young Drivers of Canada Guelph Classroom Location - 121 Wyndham St N, Suite 205

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