Young Drivers of Canada - North Bay Driver Training for drivers of all ages

Here is how you can find our North Bay Driving School Classroom location:

Our North Bay classroom is located at 343 Airport Rd.  We are approximately half way between Algonquin and O'Brian across from the Hillside Funeral home. Oxford Learning Center is also in the same building.

Young Drivers of Canada North Bay  offers the most comprehensive effective defensive Driver Training course in Canada

Young Drivers North Bay has over 25  years of experience teaching new drivers how to drive and survive. Young Drivers of Canada has a philosophy when it comes to collisions, that accidents are predictable and preventable. In car we teach students to use their eyes effectively, by teaching them where to look, the skills to understand what they see and then the skills to manage the space around them.

Build smart driving habits with Young Drivers North Bay.  Learn to drive today!

This translates into drivers with the skills to reduce of a collision.  Whether you are a new driver, already licensed, senior driver or corporate fleet driver we'll have a training package for you.


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Young Drivers TV

North Bay Driver Training uses highly trained and professional instructors for an expert experience learning to drive

The North Bay Young Drivers Training Center offers Drivers Ed to people of all ages

Our instructor is bilingual and has over 25 years experience as an Young Drivers instructor. 

Nippising University and Canador students should take advantage of the opportunity to take their driver training while in North Bay.

Bring a friend with you and save on your course fee for driver training

Seniors can take a lesson package to help them pass their road test and stay on the road

Be ready for all weather conditions with Driving Lessons in North Bay!

Winters in North Bay can be long and cold, so winter driving courses will give you the confidence to tackle the conditions. Our most popular driver training course is our Novice courses.

YD Novice Courses are Ministry of Transportation Approved, that means you qualify for the early road test and available insurance reductions.

Developed by Young Drivers of Canada and approved by the MTO, Our course are the state of the art in North Bay and Canada.

  • Customized Online Training
  • Hi-def Blu-ray videos
  • One-on-One in-vehicle training

Young Drivers goes well beyond the minimum requirements for driving schools.



Young Drivers of Canada North Bay Classroom Location - 343 Airport Rd

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