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In-Class and In-Car Training Provided in Chatham

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, temporarily, all in-class sessions will be conducted from our Chatham location. Please visit the Chatham webpage for course information, class dates and prices.


We are hoping to start providing the classroom instruction in Wallaceburg soon. The in-car (driving) lessons are always conducted in Chatham to ensure that you encounter a variety of driving related situations and get the most out of your course. 
Please re-visit this page or contact us for information and updates. 

Co-operative Driving is the Key at Young Drivers - Wallaceburg

Young Drivers of Canada has taking defensive driving to a new level. On an everyday basis, we share the road with many other people. They are in cars, on bicycles, in truck, operating farm equipment, walking or even in a horse drawn carriage!

Each driver has a different level of experience, competence and ability. 

With the versatility that Young Drivers Wallaceburg offers you will learn skills in all different road conditions and weather patterns in many driving environmnets

As a driver we must adapt our driving to not just the road conditions but to the various drivers around us.

By using the YD Collisionfree Approach and it's 20 sub-habits, each student can learn to deal with situations as they arise.

Remember, on a day-to-day basis, the most dangerous thing most of us will do is get into a motor vehicle. Using the YD Collisionfree approach will greatly lesson that danger for everyone on the road.


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Young Drivers of Canada - Wallaceburg Driving School Location

Young Drivers - Wallaceburg, New Driver and Defensive Driving Courses - Evenings, Weekends, and Holiday courses available!!

Enrol today and start your journey to getting your license!

We offer flexible start dates and times to meet everyone's busy life schedules. We are an MTO-Approved BDE Course Provider!

Our new defensive driving courses are based on flexible learning and are delivered in-classroom, in-car and online.

Completion of our course allows you to take your G1 Exit road test 4 months sooner and can qualify you for insurance discounts.

During our 40 years of working with Novice students, we have also working with experienced drivers and drivers going through various rehab programs.

We also provide training for experienced drivers. We teach the Defensive Driving Course to individuals and companies in order to reduce collisions and insurance rates. Most companies benefit from improved health and safety standards in the workplace

Working with Occupational Therapists we offer Rehab Services through our various partners in the field for drivers with either physical or mental ailment. Call us for more information



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